Get Your Probiotics Anytime, Anywhere, With BC30TM

Getting a Quality Probiotic Into Your Day Is Easier Than Ever

BC30 is a unique probiotic ingredient that can survive the journey to your gut so you can get, giving you the probiotic benefits you want most.

Get More with the Spore


Adding good Bacteria to Your Diet

Nurture a healthy gut with a healthy lifestyle. Probiotics can help by nurturing the good bacteria you already have in your gut. But not all probiotics survive the path to your gut nor can they be used in your everyday foods and beverages.

BC30 is a spore-forming probiotic. This means it has a natural protective shell that helps its good bacteria survive the journey to the gut where it arrives alive to team with your own bacteria. And because BC30 is more resilient than traditional probiotics, it can be used in foods and beverages so you can easily get the benefits of probiotics wherever your day takes you.

Probiotics, What You May Not Know

Understanding the science behind the probiotic and how it works, is the first step in choosing a safe and effective probiotic product for your gut health. And it all comes down to the type of strain and science supporting its benefits.

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What to Look For In A Probiotic Ingredient

A spore-forming probiotic that:

  • Can survive the journey to your gut to team up to promote beneficial bacteria
  • Can easily be formulated into a wide range of functional foods and beverages by your favorite brands – making it easier for you to get the benefits of probiotics into your diet
  • Is supported by research that show their benefits and safety

Research Shows BC30 Can Help:

Support gut health for healthy digestion: When most people think of gut health, they think of freedom from traditional digestive issues— bloating, cramping and discomfort, for example. Gut health encompasses more than all of that.

Support a healthy immune system: With 70% of your immune system being in your gut, BC30 can create an optimal environment for your immune system to function by helping modulate immune responses.

Support Protein Absorption: BC30 can enhance the digestibility of plant and dairy proteins, which may support recovery after strenuous exercise and facilitate nutrient absorption.

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Get Your Probiotic Wherever Life Takes You

Get Your Probiotic Wherever Life Takes You

A probiotic ingredient used by food and beverage makers all over the world, foods and beverages fortified with BC30 can be widely found at grocery stores and only, making it easy and convenient to add the health benefits of BC30 to your daily routine, anytime, anywhere. You can find BC30 in:

  • Teas and coffees
  • Kombuchas, juices, nutritional beverages, drink shots
  • Mixed snacks, granola bars, and nuts
  • Kids snacks and pouches
  • Powdered beverages and protein powders
  • Alternative dairy products
  • Spreads and nut butters
  • And many more!

How to Tell if You’re Probiotic Food or Beverage Contains BC30?

Look for the BC30 symbol or “Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086” in the nutrition label on the probiotic fortified foods and beverages in your grocery shelves and online when shopping.