How We Help Manufacturers

Passionate Support for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

We are passionate about helping consumers find easy and effective ways to support their health and wellness. Our mission is to provide a quality, science-backed probiotic, while making it easier for food and beverage manufacturers to make benefit-driven products consumers want most.

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Lead with transparency
Consumers are often skeptical about claims made for functional foods and beverages. High-quality probiotic ingredients supported by scientific substantiation will meet consumer demand.

Providing Probiotic Value

Our proprietary, patented probiotic technology is available for use in a broad range of applications. We specialize in partner support, providing market insights, product development assistance, and stability testing.

Research and Efficacy

At the heart of the brand is BC30TM, a scientifically proven probiotic. With over 25 published papers, our commitment to proving a well-researched ingredient gives manufacturers and consumers a safe, effective probiotic ingredient that can help support digestive health, immune health, and may support protein absorption.

Dedicated to Probiotic Science

In a crowded and often confusing digestive health space, in which consumers can be skeptical about the claims made for functional products, high-quality ingredients supported by scientific substantiation are essential.

  • Our well-equipped probiotics-focused lab specializes in partner support and applied probiotic research for BC30 (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086)
  • Our R&D capabilities range from strain selection and genetic identification to product development support and stability testing
  • Our research team works to ensure the most stable, efficacious finished product is available
83% of consumers say that they find health claims made for BC30 to be believable.
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Meeting Consumer Demand 

Success starts with knowing what your consumers want. Research shows they are searching for foods and beverages that offer digestive health benefits in products beyond yogurt.

Research shows consumers want digestive health benefits in a wide range of products.

icon - 39%

of consumers want digestive health benefits in fruit and vegetable juices

icon - 38%

of consumers want digestive health benefits in cereal, granola and breakfast bars

icon - 35%

of consumers want digestive health benefits in snacks


Unlike most other probiotic strains, BC30 is a spore-former, which makes it highly stable and allows it to remain viable through most manufacturing processes and the low pH of stomach acid. Additionally, BC30 has a shelf life of up to 3 years. This flexibility means BC30 can be added to most foods and beverages.

Brand Equity

BC30 is an award-wining probiotic dedicated to brand equity, making it easy to convey a benefit-driven story that consumers can understand and trust.

icon - 95%
Worldwide purchase intent is high, with up to 95% of consumers in various regions saying they would definitely or probably buy a product with BC30.

Working With Us

As part of Kerry, the taste and nutrition company, we work to provide greater value for our customers, their business and the consumers they reach. Here is how we work together.

1. Market Insights
Knowing your market and your consumers is the first priority in creating a successful product. We have the latest global market insights and data, helping to identify market white space, application opportunities and consumer demand.

2. Collaboration
Whether you are looking for market insights, research data, or application expertise, it all starts with a conversation with our experts.

3. Confidentiality
Both parties sign a mutual confidentiality agreement. It’s a simple document to protect your confidentiality and ours.

4. Get Specs
We send our confidential clinical data and product specs for you to review.

5. Development
We work with you to validate the inclusion level for your products and send you a sample to try.

6. Get Results
Send samples of your formulated products to our research and development facility. Our scientists analyze your samples to determine survivability.

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7. Purchasing the Product
Sign a purchase and license agreement and we are officially partners. Signing this agreement entitles you to the use of trademarks, patents and associated data to support your product.

8. Branding & Labeling
We send you our brand guidelines, which will show you what the ingredient declaration should look like globally, along with directions for properly displaying the BC30 logo on your package displaying the branded ingredient logo.

9. Packaging Review
We review and approve the ingredient declaration and approve the use of our logo on your packaging before you start marketing your product.

10. Launch
Launch your newly formulated product and let your consumers experience the benefits.

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Kerry Global Consumer Survey – Digestive & Immune Health, 2019
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