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Super Smoothies Getting Super Popular

What’s Nomva? A blend of whole fruits and vegetables with probiotics in a single-serve snack pack. Or, as the company defines its product, Nomva is nature’s rocket fuel packed with probiotics and no compromises.

The young company (launched in 2015) is finding its place among a growing number of consumers. “Our product resonates with millennials who are unwilling to compromise on their health, their taste, or their convenience,” says Nina Church, co-founder and COO of the Los Angeles based company.  “That being said, we’re discovering that Nomva probiotic super smoothies are the perfect snack for the whole family – and in many households they are becoming a staple for everyone from the youngest kid to grandma.”

Probiotic Fruit and Veggie Pouch

Currently, Nomva comes in five varieties: Carrot, Kale, Blueberry, Strawberry and Apple. What makes the product truly unique is that each SKU contains BC30™ (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086) probiotic.

Adding probiotics to its entire line was a natural fit for Nomva. “Our consumers needed the best fuel to power their best lives. So we started with the basics: whole, organic fruits and veggies. Then we thought, why not support immune and digestive health while we’re at it? So we looked towards probiotics for a tasteless, odorless boost,” Church says.

“The added probiotics is what gets consumers and retailers most excited about our products.”
- Nina Church, Nomva co-founder and COO

Stress-Free Formulating

When asked how it was to formulate with BC30, Church’s enthusiasm says it all.  “Insanely easy! We just sprinkled it right in when we were working on new products and it didn’t change the flavor or consistency one bit.”

“The team has been kind, considerate and extremely knowledgeable about the probiotic uprising. Their research keeps us always one step ahead of the market and feeling incredibly supported,” Church says.


Is Formulating With Probiotics Complicated?

A Unique Probiotic

It was BC30’s unique properties that determined its good fit for the smoothie pouches. “Our consumers demand and deserve only the best when it comes to probiotics and that is simply BC30. We were drawn to it for its pressure-tolerant nature given that we are high-pressure processed, and the overall survivability,” Church explains

Most probiotics cannot survive extreme heat and manufacturing processes. BC30 can. The probiotic’s unique structure safeguards the cell’s genetic material from the heat and pressure of the manufacturing process. It easily incorporates into products, overcomes shelf-life challenges and withstands the acid and bile to which it’s exposed during digestive transit. This means that it’s easy to formulate a wide range of products with BC30, including many foods and beverages.

Probiotic Super Smoothies

Currently available in select Sprouts, Whole Foods, Target, Ralph’s, and local stores in a growing number of states around the country, it’s the probiotics in Nomva that resonates the most with retailers. “The added probiotics is what gets consumers and retailers most excited about our products. In fact, we’ve completely rebranded to call ourselves “Probiotic Super Smoothies” to convey to consumers immediately the amazing benefits each probiotic pack holds for them,” Church says.

Will future products have BC30? Yes, according to Church. “Putting BC30 into any product is a total no-brainer—anything we develop in the future we will absolutely try to boost with these powerful probiotics.”

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