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Vahdam Digestion Probiotic Tea: From Garden to (Online) Grocer

vahdam teas logoAs consumers search for ways to improve their overall health, research increasingly shows that immunity begins in the gut. Current digestive health market trends highlight growing interest in probiotic teas as a way to support both digestive and immune health. With a goal of providing consumers with digestive- and immune-health benefits in beverages consumed daily, Vahdam Teas India created its Digestion Superfoods Elixir, a tea with the research supported probiotic ingredient BC30™, as well as turmeric, ginger, and other botanicals. The tea is part of Vadham’s  range of ‘superfood’ teas, formulated especially to meet the  demands of health-conscious individuals.

Better Ingredients, Better Tea

To meet demand for “better-for-you” ingredients, Vahdam Teas has disrupted the supply chain by taking probiotic teas straight from the garden to the online grocer. The teas are procured directly from hundreds of gardens in India, and within days of production, are packaged fresh and shipped directly, eliminating the middleman to bring fresh teas to market faster. With growing interest in all-natural ingredients, minimally processed and cleaner label, BC30 was a logical fit to complement the tea’s health halo because it is 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free and available in Non-GMO project verified.

"Including a branded ingredient like BC30™ ensures the viability of the tea’s digestive health benefits from processing to preparation by the consumer.”
- Bala Sarda, Vahdam Teas founder

Maintaining Viability

The major challenge in introducing a probiotic in a tea application is maintaining its viability when heated, either during manufacturing or when the tea is being prepared to drink. Because it is a hardy, spore-forming bacteria, BC30, unlike vegetative probiotic cells, is better able to survive in a hot tea application.

Scientific Support is Key

According to Bala Sarda, Vahdam Teas founder, support from Kerry, the makers of BC30, in verifying digestive health benefit claims, and in testing for survivability of probiotics in the final product were key factors in validating the tea’s efficacy. Apart from the technical support, the Kerry and BC30 team worked very closely with the Vahdam customer team on documentation, and in qualifying their product labels to meet local regulatory requirements in the US and India. In addition, Vahdam Teas engaged Kerry’s assistance with natural flavors.

Digestion Superfoods Elixir Tea

Digestion_-Box-_-Sachet-vahdam-probiotic teaVahdam Teas aims to provide freshly harvested teas to the end consumer and promises all natural ingredients. Available as a ready-to-brew powder, the Digestion Superfoods Elixir teas can be mixed with hot water, low-fat milk, or a nut milk of choice, or served as a refreshing cold brew. The teas are available online, with a reach of 90-plus countries across the globe, including key markets in India, the US and Europe.

The brand offers a collection of more than 75 signature blends, which have won over 22 awards in the last several years. Additionally, in the US, Vahdam Teas has been featured as one of  Oprah Winfrey’s Favorite Things.


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