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Probiotics Every Day?

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The Short Answer: Research is Key

Studies with BC30™  (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086) demonstrate the probiotic ingredient can support our digestive health, immune health and protein absorption when taken daily. And since probiotics typically do not stick around (or colonize) in the gut for long after they have been consumed, ongoing consumption should be assumed for ongoing benefits. But let’s dig in a bit more:

Why Taking Probiotics Supports Our Health

If you think about how probiotics with research supported benefits work, we can better understand why taking probiotics daily is important. In today’s world, we are subjected to many stressors and diet changes that can disrupt the microbiota in our gut, which can also negatively impact our digestive system and immune health.

everyday stressors and probiotics

When you take probiotics, bacteria come in and start to help with things like regulating enzyme production, sequestering toxins and helping to improve overall digestion while bolstering the immune system. BUT, as mentioned, probiotics don’t hang around forever.

Fat-soluble Nutrients vs. Probiotics

Let’s put this into context against other nutrients. Take fat-soluble nutrients like vitamin D that are stored in the fat cells and are not urinated out daily. This means you can skip a day or two, and the nutrients will still be working their way through the body.

Many strains of probiotics are transient bacteria; they do a job and then they are gone. So, with probiotics, the bacteria need to be continually replenished throughout the gastrointestinal tract, because only some of them adhere to the intestinal wall’s epithelial lining, where they confer their benefits.

Going Beyond Traditional Supplements

Many probiotics are found in traditional supplement brands, but we believe that going beyond pills is the best approach to getting the benefits you want most. Foods and beverages fortified with research supported probiotic ingredients, with the benefits you want, are a convenient way to support your health and can fit within your healthy lifestyle.

Getting a Quality Probiotic into Your Day is Easier Than Ever, for Everyone

BC30 is well-studied and safe for daily consumption. Research supports this probiotic’s efficacy, so it is a quality ingredient you can trust and feel good about consuming daily. You can find BC30 in many of the foods and beverages you love, all around the world, including products like:

  • Teas & coffee
  • Juices & smoothies
  • Powdered & refrigerated liquid beverages
  • Snacks, dips, spreads & baked goods
  • Frozen foods & desserts
  • Gummies & confectionery

Be proactive about maintaining your gut health and supporting your immune system by choosing foods and beverages that contain BC30.

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