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Guide to Formulating with Probiotic Ingredients for the Food Service Industry

woman holding a coffee to go

The world is changing—and with it the way in which the food service industry is responding to consumers’ needs. On-the-go and takeaway options have shifted to a ‘less contact’ model that helps prevent the spread of illness. Restauranteurs are discovering that this helps them maintain their business operating models during difficult times, and consumers appreciate the convenience and comfort of a familiar favorite.

Consumers are continuing to focus even more on maintaining health. For manufacturers in the food service sector, providing beneficial alternatives, like adding probiotic ingredients for food service options can help meet consumers’ growing demand for health benefits in the products they consume on-the-go.

In this guide we explore:

  • Emerging consumer trends
  • A snapshot of the food service market
  • How probiotics can bring innovation into the food service industry


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