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New Year. New Look: Gut to Know the New

New Year New Look logo image of computer and new website

You know BC30™ as a leading brand with a mission to develop the best probiotic for our customers, so they can create products that consumers value and want most. Now get to know our updated BC30 website,

Why the Redesign?

With a commitment to better serving our customers and their consumers, the redesigned site aims to provide the best user experience by:

  • Providing a digital platform that can help customers and consumers access relevant content.
  • Providing expert insight to help customers understand formulation opportunities, and obtain market and consumer insights.
  • Educating health-conscious consumers on probiotic science and BC30’s benefits.
  • Refreshing content frequently to ensure that the website provides timely information on industry insights as well as dynamic trends.

What’s New? What’s Changed?

To help reach our redesign objectives, we focused on:

Telling Our Brand Story With Refreshed Content

BC30 is trusted by consumers worldwide, because it provides the safe and efficacious health benefits people want most. Research-supported and easy to formulate, it’s a great option for manufacturers who want to create innovative, probiotic-enhanced products to meet consumer demand.

We benchmarked our existing site and looked for ways to ensure meaningful content that resonates. This enabled us to define what features and content the new site would include, as well as how to design it to appeal to customers and consumers alike.

Providing Insights and Expertise with a New Idea Center

An updated Idea Center provides the latest consumer insights, research updates, formulation expertise and ideas from our experts. These are captured in this growing library of:

Visualizing our Value 

To help bring the BC30 story to life, we created a video that highlights the advantages of formulating with a stable, efficacious, spore-forming probiotic in functional food and beverage applications. Engaging graphics and easy-to-understand language focus on  the benefits for manufacturers and their consumers.

Improving the Mobile Experience

To help our customers and their consumers access information when and where they need it, the website has been optimized for mobile access and viewing. Responsive, visually appealing design features foster ease of use and enable mobile engagement.

Enhancing Global Growth

The global probiotics market is projected to grow to $69 billion at a CAGR of 7.0% through 2023.1 Functional foods and beverages are by far the biggest segment for probiotics, currently standing at $40 billion and representing more than 82% of the total market.2


1 MarketsandMarkets, Global Probiotic Market Forecast to 2023, Dec 2018
2 MarketsandMarkets Probiotic Market, Sept. 2017